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Rules & Regulations - Grandpa Johns Pick and Pull

We Enforce The Following Policies:


Admission charge is cash only. Purchases may be made with cash or credit card with a minimum purchase of $10.00. We do not accept Checks.

Automobile Jacks

Our vehicles are placed on wheel stands allowing easier access to unbolt suspension, remove wheels, etc.

Our stands are safer than jacks. However, no one is allowed to work underneath an elevated vehicle.

Cutting Torches, Pry Bars, Sawzalls

Customers are not allowed to bring cutting torches, pry bars, sawz-alls, or any type of power cutting tool into the yard. If it can’t be unbolted we do not carry the parts. For items requiring torch cutting, we may have this service available. Torch cutting fees start at $35.00.

Alcoholic Beverages & Smoking

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are forbidden on the premises. Grandpa John’s Pick & Pull reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone we suspect is impaired and represents a safety concern to themselves or others. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED ON OUR PREMISES!


Parts prices are posted on price lists and are available. Please plan to purchase all parts you pull and bring into our office.

No Cutting of Parts

If you can’t unbolt your part, we don’t sell that part.


Please report theft or vandalism.


We strive to maintain a clean parts yard however, it can become littered with metal, glass and other objects. You must wear substantial shoes while in the yard.


Pets are not allowed in the yard.


People under the age of 18 cannot be admitted to the yard. Valid ID is required.

Please do NOT bring children, they are not allowed in the yard and cannot be left unattended.

Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes must be inspected upon entering and exiting the yard.


Groups of three or more individuals may not be allowed.

Closing Time

Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Liability Waiver

All customers are required to sign an injury waiver before entering our yard.

Securing your parts

Assistance is available in transporting heavy parts on premise for you. You are responsible for securing them to your vehicle.

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